Quoc Viet Foods®

Quoc Viet Foods® specializes in manufacturing and distributing Vietnamese soup bases and seasonings. We are the first company to use modern technologies to convert the traditional Vietnamese products into a convenient form. Our soup bases and seasonings are processed from natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives. Our goal is Simple; we provide convenient products with an Authentic taste. Our slogan, Simple & Authentic!® reflects the company's concept and image. All products are made in the U.S.A. We have over 40 years combined of experience and strong technical support backed by food scientists.
The soup bases and seasonings are now available for the consumer's enjoyment:

  1. Chicken Flavored "Pho" Soup Base
  2. Beef Flavored "Pho" Soup Base
  3. Beef Stew Seasoning
  4. "Hue" Style Beef Flavored Soup Base
  5. Chicken Flavored Soup Base
  6. Pork Flavored "Hu Tieu" Soup Base
  7. Pork Flavored Soup Base
  8. Beef Stew Base
  9. Crab Flavored Soup Base
  10. Wonton Soup Base
  11. Tamarind Soup Base
  12. Vegetarian Soup Base
  13. Thai Tom Yum Soup Base
  14. Curry Soup Base
  15. Vegetarian "Pho" Soup Base
  16. Vegetarian "Hue" Style Soup Base
  17. Vegetarian "Hu Tieu" Soup Base
We are constantly researching and developing new products to keep up with the growing demand from consumers.

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Vegetarian "Hue" Style, Vegetarian "Hu Tieu"


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