Quốc Việt Foods®
Simple & Authentic!®


Our products are sold in most Asian markets in nationwide and Canada.
Some of our products can be purchased online through Shopify or Amazon.com
In Vietnam, you can find our products under Quoc Viet Foods, www.quocvietvn.com.
For European countries, you can get our products through Herman Kuijper, www.hermankuijper.com.
If you need assistant in locating a market carrying our products, please contact us at (714)283-3663 or toll free 1(866)786-2843 or info@quocviet.com.

You can also buy Cafvina products from Cafvina.com. Cafvina is a divsion of Quoc Viet Foods.

Our products are sold in almost all Asian markets nationwide in the US and Canada.

No, our products do not contain any preservatives. All flavors are processed from natural ingredients

Our products are not perishable. They are shelf stable. You can store them at ambient temperature even after opening. Refrigeration is not required.

Yes, there are on some items but not all. Some products in the market have similar name to ours but not quality. As a matter of facts, we received many comments from our customers saying that our products are even better than the one that made from scratch.

If you can't find your answer, please email us your questions info@quocviet.com